PureSense Environmental, Inc., (2011-2014)
demand response program management agricultural and water pumps.

EQL managed all aspects of a vendor based demand response program in California. Business attracted over 26MW of pump load into DR programs at PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E. Helped to develop products, identify key functionality, assess market potential, build sales pipelines, and develop process for obtaining demand response incentives for customers. Technical work with communication controls, e.g., OpenADR, SCADA, and Modbus. Enrolled customers (over 1,000 pumps)  into demand response programs and build relationships for national aggregator. Work in California, with some business development in Pacific Northwest and Texas.

Customers were ranchers, farmers, and water and wastewater utilities. Sales strategy was to upgrade or provide new controls to traditional and VFD pumps. In addition to cost savings through more efficient use of water and energy, ranchers were getting remote start/stop and water flow meter data. Water districts had more accurate water measurement.

See Program Summary presentation by Ken Nichols: Ken Nichols CA Water AutoDR program summary

puresense pump control

CA well pump capacity