FERC Allows DERs to participate in regional organized wholesale markets. I wish we had one of those in the Pacific Northwest.

FERC Opens Wholesale Markets to Distributed Resources: Landmark Action Breaks Down Barriers to Emerging Technologies, Boosts Market Competition The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) today approved a historic final rule, Order 2222, enabling distributed energy resource (DER) aggregators to compete in all regional organized wholesale electric markets. This bold action empowers new technologies to come […]

May 5 Webinar

Webinar Recording: EQL May 5 Webinar – PNW DER Business Opportunities Slides: 2016 5 5 webinar share Agenda for May 5, 2pm webinar on DER Business Opportunities in Pacific Northwest. EQL May 5 Webinar – PNW DER Business Opportunities

August 2015, EQL presents at NCSL, Seattle WA

  EQL Nichols NCSL 2015 8 2 v1 Topics involved rate changes to accommodate distributed energy resources, use of demand charge, value of solar, and everyone loves EVs. EVs are “energy” efficient, lowers customer transportation costs, improves utility revenue, should lower rates, and if managed properly should not add much to utility infrastructure and integration […]

July 2015 EQL at PNWER Summit, Big Sky

  Mr. Nichols discussed the technical and regulatory steps to focusing DSM on capacity and flexible capacity for the Pacific Northwest. PNWER representatives focused on Net Energy Metering, Value of Solar, Demand Response, and asked questions about storage. 2015 EQL Nichols PNWER Summit


“The EQL Energy team delivered a study on end use load management for our 50MVA campus. Their methodology and technical expertise gave us a high level of confidence in the study’s analysis and recommendations.” Orion Henderson, Director, Sustainability and Utility Operations, University of British Columbia, Vancouver