EQL Energy plans, designs and implements customer programs that achieve customer and utility objectives. As DERs (distributed generation, efficiency, demand response, storage) become increasingly commonplace, we need to make sure we optimize the value of these resources and ensure that customer and utility investments are both prudent and necessary.

About EQL Energy

EQL believes that the time has come for the distribution and customer side of the grid to play a larger role in providing flexibility, reliability, resiliency, renewable energy and lowering the cost to customers. EQL believes that the technologies and services for managing energy and distributed resources are only getting faster, more efficient, and less expensive, and that these technologies will contribute to least cost utility planning, rate design, and operation. We've helped our clients to plan for and deploy hundreds of millions of dollars of technology and programs that are assisting run our electrical grid safer, more reliable, and less costly.

Our clients benefit from a deep understanding of the utility business perspective, regulatory process, and system operations. We have worked in most facets of the electricity and natural gas value chain: supply, wholesale trading and contracting, transportation, and demand side management. This perspective helps us plan and evaluate end-use and demand solutions that make economic and operational sense.


Ken Nichols

Mr. Nichols began EQL Energy to assist governments, utilities and vendors find ways to work together to develop products and services that benefit both the customer and utility. He has influenced rates and program design in utility operations and product development in vendor products and services. Most of the work is related to distributed energy resources, e.g., DSM, consumer/technology price behavior, solar, and storage. He has advised utilities on economic analysis and business case development in customer programs and distribution system planning. He has developed and ran commercial and pilot demand response and energy efficiency programs, traded wholesale power and natural gas, consulted on the commercialization of energy storage and energy controls technology, and has worked for both electric and gas utilities He began his energy career at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and works with government agencies, utilities, vendors, and renewable energy developers.

Ken is an avid bike commuter and member of the Timbers Army.


B.A. degrees in Physics and Computer Science from Willamette University in Salem, Or.

M.S. degree in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University.

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Bill Henry
Sr. Associate

Mr. Henry is an electric utility and demand side analyst focusing on integrated resource planning and incorporating smart grid and demand side management into planning process. He builds and runs models to capture the value of DER and smart grid technology to customers, utility, and system operator. He has done this analysis for regions as large as the WECC, public utilities, campus at University of British Columbia, farms in the Central Valley of California. He has run a demand response program of approximately 26MW targeting agricultural and irrigation districts in California. He is involved in western energy policy and a contributor to the news site ElectricityPolicy.com.

Bill brews beer with his homegrown hops.


Bill holds a BS in Construction Engineering Management from Oregon State University

Certificate in Energy Resource Management from UC Davis.

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Aharown Luke P.E.
Distribution Engineer

Professional Project Engineer possessing experience in transmission and distribution system planning and power delivery through 500 kV. Core competencies encompass:

  • Engineering Management
  • OE and EPC Services
  • System Modeling
  • OH & UG Engineering
  • Solar & Wind Energy Interconnection
  • Permitting
  • Quality Assurance

Specific hands-on technology experience includes the application of the following apparatus:

  • Smartgrid Volt-Var, FLISR, Sectionalizing, Reliability, Protection Coordination, Time Series, Analytic Development of AMI/Outage Data
  • Line Rating Analysis
  • LiDAR
  • Mathcad
  • Etap, CymDist RAM, Synergi, PowerWorld

B.S. Electrical Engineering
University of Washington, 2002

Mike Beanland
Electrical Engineer

Mike is experienced in engineering related to the design, analysis, and construction of power substation components and systems, as well as the planning, design, and analysis of electric power distribution systems. He has a special interest and forte in assisting photovoltaic power system developers through the interconnection process, being able to use his utility experience to provide the interpretation of utility company requirements into language developers can comprehend. Mike is the Electrical Engineer of Record for many small and large photovoltaic power projects in CA, OR and WA.

  • Low-voltage and medium-voltage design for the connection of photovoltaic power projects in net metering and independent power production applications
  • Acted as 3rd-party reviewer for large (100MW+) photovoltaic power plant projects providing comprehensive design review
  • On-site construction inspection for large-scale photovoltaic power plant including substation, underground collection and inverters
  • Owner’s engineer during the interconnection application and study process for photovoltaic power plants connected to medium- and high-voltage grids
  • Collection and substation design for wind projects from single-generator to large-scale

Mike lives in Vancouver, Washington, where he lives with his wife, the owner of a specialty software company, and where his five children and three grandchildren live nearby. Mike is also owned by a largish Bengal cat.


Master of Engineering, Electrical Power Engineering, California Polytechnic State University (1976)
Bachelor of Science, Electronic Engineering, California Polytechnic State University (1975)

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