Energy Audit and Campus Load Management @ University of British Columbia. (2014-2015)
Microgrid for campus load management


Campus Load Management. University of British Columbia, Vancouver, operates their own distribution system and wanted to manage their load to a specified level for strategic and cost reasons. EQL Energy audited and tested campus buildings, utility systems, and technologies that would contribute to a microgrid that could respond to forecasted peak days, and respond within 10 minutes to contingent transmission events on BC Hydro’s system (N-1). Our estimates and details are client confidential, but we identified and measured sufficient opportunities for both summer and winter peak load management.

Electric Load Management System (ELMS) EQL designed a system for aggregating load management and distributed generation for the 400 building, 55 MVa campus. Measures included building management systems (BMS), residential space and water heat, plug load control, refrigeration, volt var optimization, CVR,  solar, energy storage, power factor correction, 1.5MW biogas CHP, CVR, and potential for 8 MW CHP hot water plant.  EQL also evaluated the potential for solar PV to contribute to mitigate peak load constraints.

load management