Utility Planning & Operations

EQL Energy works with utilities and stakeholders to evaluate and consider all areas of utility operations and finance. Our team member helped start a large New Zealand utility from scratch, and we have been involved in municipalization studies. Resource planning has become more complicated and involves distributed resource and load management and constraints inherent in the transmission and distribution systems. Our team and partners have done bulk power and distributed resource planning, and we like building customer rates, programs, and resources (e.g., solar, energy efficiency, etc.)  that address customer desires and utility operational/financial objectives. This involves: Power contracting and trading/risk management, resource planning, cost of service and ratemaking, customer service and programs, metering and revenue protection, and related regulatory support.

Utility Planning & Operations Services

  • Wholesale power contracting and resource management
  • Integrated Resource & Transmission Planning
  • Load Forecasting
  • Distribution utility cost of service and ratemaking
  • AMI and Smart Grid investment and operations
  • Municipalization studies
  • Emerging technology demonstration projects
  • Rates and Customer Program Design (e.g., energy efficiency, demand response)
  • Regulatory Support (both public and IOU)
  • RFP design and bid evaluation

EQL Related Projects

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