Utility Program & Pricing

EQL Energy helps utilities and customers work together. We design and run utility customer programs related to DSM for energy and capacity, distributed generation (e.g. solar, and dispatchable backup generators, ), and energy storage. We have done this in all sectors: Industrial, Commercial, Agriculture, and Residential. Our strength is creating relationships that allow utility to communicate directly with industry specific control systems (e.g., pumps, motors, refrigeration, pulping, BMS, solar and storage inverters, water heat, etc.) We have also designed pilot commercial programs involving rates, pricing, and incentives.

Utility Program & Pricing Services

  • Customer Load and Energy Management
    • Industrial Controls: Pump, Motor, Refrigeration, Irrigation, etc.
    • Commercial: BMS integration (from NEST to Siemens Apogee)
    • Residential: HVAC, Water Heat, Plug Load
  • Administer programs for distributed generation (solar and backup power)
  • Energy Storage
  • Rates/Pricing
  • Net Metering tariff and billing

EQL Related Projects

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